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Little indian, affected by HIV and
invited by ACWT to theIMCA  |  2009

Paris and its suburb are very secure.
And Disneyland's parc  is not far  !!

Iranian children

President of ACWT (alias TDMES)  
with Indian children infected by HIV

(it was a videoconference with
the french children of Nanterre
that are supporting this project)

SAMI  BATTIKH (New Delhi, India), 
French journalist and volunteer for ACWT 
Shooting pictures for the documentary 
on Children living with AIDS.

Polish Summer camp for 
children infected by HIV 
(organized by our sister organization 
in Poland : "le petit prince")


Ludovic Zahed © 2008 | All right reserved

IMCA  |  2009
International     Meeting of    Children living with   AIDS


ENGLISH  -  The IMCA | 2009 was a wonderful experience for both children who were invited and for organizers that participated to that event. You can already see our blog and have a look at the pictures and the story of this wonderful week with the children, nearby Paris.

|   IMCA - blog    |

FRENCH  -  L'IMCA | 2009 a été une expérience merveilleuse, tant pour les enfants qui ont participé que pour nous autre les organisateurs. Vous pouvez dors et déjà consulter notre blog et y voir les photos et le réçit de cette semaine magnifique en compagnie des enfants, tout près de Paris.

                 Preparing the  IMCA | 2009 ?   Our archives are below             

            Last September (2008), our organization undertook a pragmatic and interactive enquiry in more than 25 countries, about children affected or infected by the HIV/AIDS virus. More than 30 international organizations will participate to this cultural and united initiative (all details of this project are on The aim of this project is to alert public opinion about the faith of children living with AIDS. It is also to help financially and logistically organizations that are taking care of those children.

            August 2009, our organization in collaboration with our institutional partners and educational professionals, has planned what will be the first international meeting of children living with AIDS: the IMCA. We are honored to organized that meeting 
with children coming from all over the world   (India, Poland, Russia, Morocco, Algeria).


        Presentation of the      IMCA  |  2009

    1 | What is the IMCA?

            Before the launch of this “AIDS Children World Tour” (the ACWT), our project has been introduced to hundreds of children residents of Paris's suburbs. Those children and their families have been following this project, step by step, since the beginning.

            The aim of this initiative is to alert public opinion about the faith of those children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. All details of those meetings with children living with AIDs around the world is described and illustrated on our Travel Blog .


            The IMCA will be the logical end to one year of meetings with those children. This international meeting will assure visibility and potential financial incomes to all organizations that will make their children participating to this unique event (all advantages of such event are detailed below, point 5 of this document).



    2 | Where IMCA will take place?

            The city of Versailles is ideally located. 
Twelve minutes away from downtown Paris (“Notre Dame de Paris” church), 
Versailles and its very famous royal castle is a secure and quiet neighborhood.



    3 | How many children? When IMCA will take place?

            The IMCA  |   2009  has been scheduled for the third week of august, from the Monday 17th to the Monday 24th of august 2009.

            15 children and adolescents under eighteen years old are invited. Those children and adolescents are under 18 y.o. Please notice that this first IMCA is dedicated to children infected or affected by HIV/AIDS (ex: children with one or both parents infected, children with at least one brother or one sister infected by the virus). Accompanying adults of course could be of any serological status (NB: none of that information will be disclosed at the summer camp, precise serological status of children and adults will be kept secret).

They will be accompanied by adults from their own country 
and professionals of education and care.



    4 | What about other participants ? 


            First of all, a member of our organization will be present from the beginning until the end of the IMCA (from the first moment at the airport, to the departure day).

            Second, children will be taken in charge by professionals that are used to work every day with French children. They are used to welcome children from abroad every year.

            Please, notice that French rules concerning children summer camps are strict and tight. Evidently, those rules will be respected with the highest finicky, for the best of our guest children.


    5 | Goals, purpose and further continuation of IMCA?

            This event is of tremendously great importance. First of all, the first IMCA will alert public opinion about the fact that everywhere, in each and every part of our world, they are children living with HIV. That will be a unique opportunity to make international instances understand that this issue deserves global actions and substantial funding. 


            Second, organizations that will participate to this first IMCA will beneficiate a visibility, in their own countries’ Medias and also abroad. The last part of the French documentary on AIDS children around the world (shall be diffused on French TVs, late 2009) will be realized during this event, with interviews of adults that would be able to join that IMCA | 2009 *. Organizations participating to this event will be cited for this documentary. Hence, a press conference is organized with French journalists. Again, this IMCA will be the best way to illustrate what great work those organizations fighting against AIDS, are doing for those children.


            Third, this IMCA shall be a great opportunity for those children to understand once and for all, that they are not the only children in the world that are living with this disease. Moreover, this IMCA will be a chance for teenagers that are planning to open a support group per se, to begin conceiving together their own projects.


            Evidently, because they are more conscious of their status, teenagers and elder children will fully understand what with living HIV means. That knowledge will follow them their entire life. Our hope is that first IMCA will contribute to create a new generation of children living with this chronicle disease. We hope they will grow up and brought to the world their unique and precious experiments of fighting HIV, and particularly the prejudices that comes along with it.



            At last but not at least, during this IMCA week children will contribute their own way to our fight. They will create “childish artistic piece of art” (drawings, paintings) that will be auctioned *.       

         Adults shall beneficiate trainings, assured by qualified professionals awarded in psychology and ethnology, about the best way to take care of children living with AIDS. 

            Plus, IMCA shall be organized regularly. Next IMCA shall be organized in another country. Next IMCA cession could for example be organized in Eastern Europe or Caucasia, where our sisters organizations are already planning our next session of IMCA.

* All funding get from documentary and childish piece of art sell, will be directly and entirely spread between the organizations that shall participate to this project.


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