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            The president founder of our organization is awarded in cognitive psychology and awarded from l'Ecole Normale Superieure in cognitive neuropsychology. He has been HIV+ since 1997. Is used to be the president founder of the first young people living with HIV organization in France.
                On the 15 th September 2008, he left for a world tour enquiry : Two years of research, 9 month on the field with the children and our sister organizations

        This aims of this world tour dedicated to the children is to give the floor to those whom we hear too rarely. And so, our World Tour shall meet children affected or infected by AIDS, in more than 30 countries, on 5 continents.

        For safety reasons, Ludovic wants to maintain a bit of confidentiality around the precise dates of the various stages of his route. Nevertheless, we can assert that it is foreseen that he goes :

     Winter  2008 : Roumania, Poland, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran,                                                             Pakisan, India
      Spring   2009: Thaïlande,  Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Peru, Venezuela & six African countries                                                          (South Africa, Mozambic, Swaziland, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Algeria


short presentation, available in french 

    Draw up a world and detailed assessment of the health of AIDS children

        Indeed, today little of studies is led to allow us to realize dramatic répercusions of the pandemic of AIDS on the specific populations of children. And so this project will be the ideal opportunity to draw up an inventory of comparative fixtures, of the few coverage of cares for AIDS children in the world.
        Eventually, this project will allow to make move lines and to draw the attention of the international public opinion toward the dramatic répercusions of this pandemic on the health of AIDS children (thanks to our socio-emotional evaluation questionnaire, in 25 points and inspired from studies of Sandrine Dekens  about AIDS children's vulnerability).

    150 children of the Parisian suburbs for a videoconference from the end of the world

Before his departure, Ludovic presented this project to more than 200 children of the Parisian suburb (registered in elementary schools or in leisure centers, notably in Nanterre), which will so be able of following the advance of the project, every week by means of the web site, and every month by means of a videoconference with Ludovic and the children beside whom he will be along to each of the stages of his trip.

    Give the floor to these children of the AIDS whom we never hear

        These children have many things to be said! For us it is not question to raise to draw up an alarmist assessment, because we know that the description of a " hut which collapses on the dog ", is not efficient on the long term.
        That is why we chose to go to their meeting to immortalize moments of their existence in everyday life, of their enjoyment, their effort of child, their happiness to live when we give them the means (see our travel blog).

    Make them produce works of art, exposed to the city hall of Paris and elsewhere

           In most of the countries crossed, this project is built with local associations (recommended by AIDS Paris) which take charge with dignity of children of the AIDES. The youngest of these children will bring their testimonies under the shape of drawings or paintings. The oldest of them will have a disposable camera which will be of use to them for taking photo arround a precise subject, like for example :"the happiness of having friends at school ".

        Once of return on Paris, these " childish works of art " will be highlighted with the cooperation of a couple of artists (Anne Cleary and Dennis Connolly). Then, these works of art will be exposed to the city hall of Paris as well as on the city of Nanterre (partner of this project).

    The signature of one petition to demand the access to the care for AIDs children

            Today, hardly more than 5 % of the HIV-positive children is under treatment. For developing countries more still than in France, these treatments remain still unaffordable for many families which prefer to privilege the survival of the adults in age to work. Besides, this dramatic situation does not seem to be about to change itself.


Honorable scentists involved in the research against this world pandemic, 

say that AIDS will remain a disease of the 21th century!

If nothing is donne, by 2010 AIDS children will be 20 millions 


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       Our projects are mainly sponsored on personal funds, and the harvested donations will serve at 100%  to fead and take care of AIDS children.


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