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           CREATION  OF  TDMES  
              (alias ACWT)  on the 05.05.2006

         At the day of its creation, our NGO was named JHs+. It means Young HIV positive people. JHs + used to be the first young people living with HIV organization in France. We used to be working in Paris, Lyon and Marseille. Today, young HIV+ people in France are taking in charge by another sister organization of ours.

               Two years ago we decided though to refocus our action to help young teenagres and children infected or affected by HIV. That is the reason why we decided that our organization has to be renamed : TDMES (in french it means Tour du Monde des Enfants du Sida   =  AIDS children World Tour, alias ACWT in english).
                We are  several specialists in psychology, cognitive sciences,  education, in humanitarian communication, audiovisual or artistical realization, all volunteers for TDMES. Only the president of TDMES (HIV+ himself since he was a teenager in 1997, thirteen years ago) is a full-time voluntary.

                Our long term politic is triptychal:

Inform our sister NGOs, alert public opinion

Prevention for the youngest, trainings for the eldest

Fundraising and concret project to change their lifes

                We work all together, to help children infected or affected by the AIDS. In numerous countries still, these children do not benefit cares nor treatments adapted to their particular needs, often they are not able to afford more than one meal a day, they could not go to  school... Today, less than 10 % of the HIV+ children have access to ARVs, which would allow them to survive this disease. The aim of our NGO is to contribute to change this, working all together for the well being of AIDS children !

An example of our programs for 2010: program  "e-visibility" (of support to our sister organizations by the creation of a free website),  program  "Little Prince" (for the creation of libraries in children hospitals) program "King Charlemagne" (to promote the construction of schools and oprhenages where these children need it the most), program "Surveillance and sustain" (in collaboration with the ACNISS), etc. ... To obtain a detailed list of our long term programs and actions, thank you to contact us.


Collaborate with our sister organizations, for the well-being of AIDS children

Share with others data and statistics that we had the chance to establish

Use all the donations, entirely and exclusively, to take care of AIDS children (never for our NGOs' expenses)

project   ISALI    |   2004 - 2011

The detailled and complete list of all our programms and projects is available, on demand. Here you have a short presentation of our long term strategy :

1 -  Inquire on children of AIDS     

Brainstorming ideas and strategies that works, for the best of our children

Detailled report and studie,
previewed 1st december 2009

2 -  Share information        

Trainings to our sister organizations, desperatly in need of information    
How to talk to a kid about HIV ?
How to explain treatments are important ?


3 -  Alert public opinion      

Images speaks lowder...  
Photo exhibition, book about the AIDS children world tour ; a TV documentary spread on french TV ; childish piece of art auctionned to raise money, etc.