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        Our organization choose to publish every detailed budgets of each and every event we organize, like for instance:

Program "e-visibility"  (free website for our sister organization that needs to be e-visible on Internet:                                                           budget nul, based on volunteering))

Program "King Charlemagne" (promoting orphanages and schools creation, available soon)

Program "Petit Prince" (promoting creation of libraries in hospitals, available soon)

Program "Surveillance and sustain" (Trainings, information, events organized in collaboration with
                                                                               our sister organization of the ACNISS: budget available soon)

        Donations made to our organization from September 2008 to September 2009, has been given at 100% to educate and feed AIDS orphans, throughout our sister organization Orphelin Sida International (in english, AIDS orphans international), who is taking in charge more than 300 orphans in Africa and South America (financial transparency of OSI).


Collaborate with our sister organizations, for the well-being of AIDS children

Share with others data and statistics that we had the chance to establish

Use all the donations, entirely and exclusively, to take care of AIDS children (never for our NGOs' expenses)
                                                          CONTACT US

         the AIDS Children World Tour       

An exclusive inquiry around the world, sponsored at 100% on our president's personnal funds, to help children infected or affected by HIV / AIDS.