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 infected or affected by AIDS

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Each and every event we organize has a detailled budget that we decide to publish online.
All the donations harvested will be given at 100% to a reliable Anglo-Saxone foundation that takes care of AIDS children.

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Le Petit Prince


(médecins du monde : France)

(Medecins du monde : USA)

(Medical College of Wisconsin)


Protect Children Agaisnt AIDS


Children and Families living with HIV

Initiative groupe of people living with HIV


Khane Khorshed

Iranian positive life



Pak plus      (member of the gevernmental AIDS consortium)


NAZ  India   (fierté indienne,  NEW  DELHI))    

Women's Action Group...  WAG CHELSEA     (OLD  DELHI)

JNP+    (Jodhpur network people positive, Rajasthan)

As an exemple, our report on the indian subcontinent is available online,
PDF (in french)    


KHANA  (khmer  HIV/AIDS  NGO  Alliance)

SCC   (salvation center cambodia)

AFESIP   (agir pour les femmes en situation précaires)





MAP  Foundation

Camilian Social Center of Rayong

An example of what our partners are doing for these children in Thaïland:


CASP    (Community  AIDS   service)


Via  Libre  (projet "niños et ninãs por la vida")



Projects dedicated to children of West Caracas barrios (Propatria)
More information ?  contact us

South Africa
RTC  (Right To Care)

Soweto young peoples medical center (Kliptown)





 Thank you to make a Donation

Even modest, these harvested donations will be given at 100% to our reliable sister organization that is taking care of orphans infected or/and affected  by HIV.
                Sponsoring a child

To sponsor a child it is to allow him (her) to have shelter and food every day, often a day, in an environment familiar to him (her).
  Together we are stronger !

Together against the innomable, because today hardly 10 % of the HIV-positive children have access to the care.
And if nothing is done,  AIDS orphans shall soon be more than 25 millions.
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Seminar at Chicago Theological Seminary on double discrimination and its consequences on the mental and physical health of young adults:

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Training (at the progressisve Islamic center, IRGM of Berlin) about 12 spiritual steps to get out of addictions and sexual misery which lead to health issues and infections, especially amongst teenagers and young adults:

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Training about HIV, migration, religion and discriminations in association with the ALTAIR (Nanterre, ile-de-France) :

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First seminar of our Global Interfaith Network about "Families and traditionnal values":

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23.12.17Information meeting about refugees and AIDS children (Marseille):

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07.11.16"Révoltes extraordinaires : un enfant du Sida autour du monde" - second edition in color of our book about the 2008-2009 AIDS Children world tour:

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07.01.16"Du placard aux Lumières" - the latest book of our founder Dr. Ludovic-Mohamed ZAHED - is about minorities discrimination and potential liberation:

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28.09.14"International leaders leaving or personalities affected by HIV / AIDS" - Johannesburg, South Africa.

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"Children with HIV may be happy" - Educational workshops for parents / tutors who care for children living with HIV / AIDS: The project aim is to increase the educational competence of parents / legal tutors of children who live with a chronic illness. The classes will be followed by 30-40 parents / tutors and their children 0-13 years across Poland. While parents attend classes, qualified teachers and volunteers provide children with interesting attractions. Thank you to support this project by voting on the website of the foundation AVIVA! Thank you to send your questions to our sister organization in Poland, through TDMES.

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The representant & founder of TDMES, Ludovic-Mohamed Zahed, was in Burundi to drive a two days séminar about deconstructing prejudices concerning HIV/Aids and sexual and/or vulnerable minorities; a seminar organized in collaboration with the Euro-African confederation CALEM, the Gret and the local organization HUMURE. About twenty representatives were at the seminar coming from Burundi, Congo and Rwanda, and our documentary Planète infectée was spread there as a sensibilization tool concerning complex problematics.

TDMES is happy to spread our documentary "Génération Sida" amongst our partner's volunteers of Solidarité Sida, to isnpire them about original and strong ways to fight back the pandemic.
Solidarité S.________________________

19.11.12In Paris, our association is part of the CALEM main colloquim, to advise and exchange about HIV/Aids

CALEM  2012________________________

2011The founding president of our association joined the committee of organizational experts of the ANRS for the trial IPERGAY.


The first December 2011, we are proud to present the final vzersion of our documentary in 29 countries, and the book about that adventure alongside with the children of Aids; thanks to Libé, Dailymotion & the Agence Française de Développement that organized a public presentation at 1.30 PM (AFD, Paris).

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Our organization is part of the main CALEM colloquim in Paris - our expertize is needed, espacially with the CALEM partners coming from the Arab-Muslim world, since TDMES visited several of these countries during our exelusive enquiry.

CALEM  2010

2010 - 2012Our organization is planning to join several French organization, for a two years prevention and training programm, towards our sister organizations (among which are are part of our international network, the ACNISS).


TMDES was in Warsaw (Poland) to present our two years enquiry results, during the Polish national conference of PLWHIV.

17.08.09 - 24.08.09
The first International Meeting of children living with AIDS was the highlight as well as the end of an adventure over a year, side by side with these children, coming from around the world to gather nearby Paris ...

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The World Tour is back to Europe, sound and safe oafter two years of enquiry, 9 month on the field !

After our enquiry in South Africa, our World Tour got the Swaziland & Mozambic. Today the World Tour is in Kenya, on the Masaï Mara wild territories !
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In south America, our World Tour passed byt the Incas holy cities, to the Barrios of Caracas : the most dangerous city in the world !
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01.02.2009On the other side of the world, we enquired in south east Asia, in Ocenania, from Phnom Pehn to Yogjakarta.Read more...
15.11.2009In Russia, AIDS children life is incredibly hard. The World Tour is stopped at the border for more than one week (...). In Kazakhstan, two months after the beginning of the Tour, the television wanted to know more about the reasons of such an initiative. In Iran, our president met the children of the south district of Teheran. Yesterday, the Tour was in India where we turned the second part of the documentary on the Indian children of AIDS (photo below).
02.10.200812th national meeting of the HIV-positive persons in Poland: two young teenagers are invited there for the first time. This stage stood out the beginning of the shooting of our documentary about AIDS children, soon spread on a french national TV (we hope for it). It was also in Poland that we did the First videoconference from Warsaw with several children of Nanterre (Paris' suburb) Read more...


On August 12th, 2008, AIDES Paris recommended us numerous local associations at the international level, which take care of the children of the AIDS: thanks to Miss Meurisse !
AIDES _______________________

2007   reflexion, then action !

DocumendddddqsfdqsfcqsdIn 2007 Ludovic Zahed learned from a TV programm the situation of the children of AIDS throughout the world: he wants to be a part of some change here.

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